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We Stand in Solidarity with the Black Community

We Stand in Solidarity with the Black Community

The Korean Community Center of the East Bay stands in solidarity with the Black community with the tragic murder of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and the lives of countless other Black Americans lost at the hands of unjust treatment by law enforcement.

We stand in full support of demanding justice and reform in the institutions of law enforcement and policing in prisons, jails, border patrol and detention centers. KCCEB calls on authorities to respect and honor the rights of individuals to exercise their right of freedom of expression and assembly.

We join the demand for justice for George Floyd and his family. The root causes of the protests and civil unrest is found in the seeds of oppression, systemic racism, state violence, and divestment from communities of color that minimizes the humanity and basic human rights of those who are marginalized in society. While these systemic inequities impact us all, in the U.S., the Black community has been the continual target of this violence for generations.

We stand together in collective resistance to fight this oppression and inequity rather than be divided by narratives that pit communities against each other. The Black community’s efforts to combat systemic racism through the civil rights movement led the way for securing the rights of all communities of color, including Korean Americans and other Asian Americans. As we join together in solidarity and allyship against systemic racism, violence, and oppression, we declare that racism is a public health crisis and call on federal, state and local governments to develop concrete policies and actions to combat systemic violence and racism in our society.

 To learn more, advocate, donate and support visit: You can also take immediate action by (1) text “FLOYD” to 55156 for George Floyd; (2) text “ENOUGH” to 55156 for Breonna Taylor; (3) text “JUSTICE” to 55156 for Ahmaud Arbery; and (4) call District Attorney Mike Freeman at (612-348-5550) to demand that ALL of the police officers involved in George Floyd’s killing be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. To sign a petition demanding justice for George Floyd, visit:

More than ever it is important to get involved in your community. KCCEB urges its members to engage civically by completing the Census and by voting.