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Jikimee Senior Leadership Program

Jikimee Senior Leadership Program

Jikimee means Community Protector in Korean.

Jikimee Senior Leadership Program cultivates community mental health leaders among monolingual Korean seniors. Jikimee sessions provide a culturally and linguistically responsive environment to explore issues important to the Korean community.

Our Jikimee leaders attend public meetings and join legislative visits to voice community needs, volunteer at cultural, community and wellness events, and support our programs.

New Class Begins Mid-September (every Wednesday).


Seniors Exercise Class


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Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance®

Moving For Better Balance is a 12-week evidence-based fall prevention program based on the Simplified 24-form Tai Ji Quan. This course combines traditional Chinese Taiji movements and modern science to help seniors improve their balance, muscle strength, flexibility and mobility, and internal organ functioning to enhance overall health.

KCCEB partners with Alameda County senior serving organizations to offer classes in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin and with translation in other languages.

Offered at local senior centers and housing sites.

This Tai Ji class gave me confidence in myself. Now I enjoy going out for a walk and I really felt healthier and happier.

- Maggie, Fall Prevention Class Participant

Senior Street Smarts

Senior Street Smarts


Senior Street Smarts is an 8-week course teaching seniors how to protect themselves while feeling safer in public. This course combines practical tips plus psychological concepts to increase a sense of safety and build community among seniors. 

KCCEB partners with Alameda County senior serving organizations to offer the course in English, Korean, Cantonese, and Mandarin. Train the trainers is available to organizations interested in running the workshop series in their organizations.

Citizenship Preparation Class

Citizenship Preparation Class

Making the naturalization process easier.

Citizenship Test Preparation Class is provided in partnership with the Intercultural Institute of California for Korean and other immigrants. Once you apply for naturalization, the Civics Test has different versions based on your N400 filing date. We will assign you to a relevant level of class based on your English language skills and your test date. You should be a Legal Permanent Resident (LPR) to enroll.

  • All clients receiving N400 form filing service from KCCEB are eligible to enroll
  • Please fill out the form below if you don’t currently receive immigration services from us
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Wellness Workshops

Wellness Workshops

KCCEB offers an array of wellness workshops in English, Korean and Mandarin with an Asian cultural perspective.

Topics include:

  • Stress management
  • Coping with anxiety and depression
  • Trauma-Informed care in API communities
  • Communication skills to promote healthy bonding
  • Early childhood development for parents
  • Healthy eating and active living among elders
  • Managing burnout and compassion fatigue
  • Many more….

Offered virtually during COVID-19.

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YAAS! Digital Storytelling

Group Naturalization Workshop

YAAS! Digital Storytelling

Young Asian American Storytellers! (YAAS!) empowers Asian youth in Oakland through storytelling and connection to their own culture.

In 2019-2020, 8 youth from Oakland Charter School learned digital media and leadership skills through project-based learning. They created two digital stories:

Learn more about other YAAS teams at Asian Refugees United and the Center for Empowering Refugees and Immigrants.


There are misconceptions that Asians are all smart and have excellent grades. Society had labeled us as a “model minority” which sounds like a compliment. But, it's actually detrimental to us.

- KK, YAAS! Participant