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Community Events

Community Events

We all need to BELONG.

KCCEB welcomes community members, volunteers, and sponsors to join our events! Let’s connect, share and build community together.

›››  Join our upcoming virtual events:

  • Lunar New Year Cooking Class: Friday, 2/19, 6:00-7:30 pm
    This English-language Online Family Cooking Class featuring Chef Sarah Kim-Lee sharing her fun family-friendly Tteokbokki recipe to ring in the New Year. We will provide an ingredients box to the first 20 Alameda County families who sign up.
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2021 Korean Poetry Reading Workshop

To welcome the year of Ox, Poet Mr. JaeMoo Byun shared his poetry and his inspirations for self-publishing his book “Open the Floodgate of the Wilderness.”

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2020 Virtual Chuseok Festival

In October 2020, KCCEB hosted the “GOT BAP” rice making workshop at the 2020 Bay Area Virtual Chuseok Festival hosted by KCI. Our intergenerational workshop focused on the history of RICE and teaching kids how to make their first pot of rice!

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2019 Chuseok Festival

2020 “Here they came for us” Exhibition

I didn’t know other communities also suffered like ours.

-Participant, after attending Then They Came For Me Exhibit.

2019 Halmoni Film Screening + Conversation 

In April 2019, KCCEB + ASPIRE co-presented Halmoni, a Korean American documentary film about immigration, family reunification, and love. Members listened to personal immigration stories and discussed how the current immigration system impacts community mental health.

2019 KCCEB Open House

KCCEB welcomed community members to its new space in San Leandro in March 2019. The event included wellness activities, lunch, and games.