Health & Wellness 101

Learning leads to a better you.

Sometimes we are stuck in certain situations and don’t know what to do. Here are some tips and readings for you to explore. Click on the title to learn more:

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If you find the information useful and you feel inspired to talk to a professional or if you are in need of emotional support, send us a message and we will be there for you!

I was always taught not to do a lot of things because I am a woman. Learning about mental health and self-care was helpful to me. Now I encourage and compliment myself.

- Jikimee Senior Leader

Previous Wellness Workshops

KCCEB is committed to spreading knowledge and love. 

We are happy to offer in-person and virtual workshops with a wide variety of wellness topics to schools, senior housings, and more.

2022 Mandarin “How to communicate with your family members effectively” workshop in partnership with CACCC. Watch it Here.

KCCEB attended the North American Refugee Health Conference 2022 advocating for language equity within public health departments.

2022 Mandarin “Depression” workshop in partnership with CACCC. Watch it Here.

2022 Mandarin “Combating Loneliness” workshop addressing common elderly concerns in partnership with CACCC. Watch it Here.

2021 “We are constellations” workshop exploring this planetary transition and its impact on ourselves and the planet

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2020 Suicidal Experiences within Our Asian and Pacific Islander Communities Panel

2020 Combating Seniors’ Fear of  Falling Workshop with Alzheimer’s Association

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2020 Teenagers’ Substance Use Training with IWAY interns

2020 API Mental Health Summit

2020 Laney College Virtual Wellness Fair

2019 Depression in Older Adults Workshop at Mercy Housing

2019 Senior Technology Literacy Workshop

2019 Communication Workshop with Helping Hands East Bay