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DONATE TO BUS FOR HOPE: Give our seniors a lift

Last year, COVID kept us in our homes. With your help, we delivered over 44,400 meals to isolated seniors during the pandemic to keep our Bay Area seniors safe.

This year, racism against Asians is threatening to keep us isolated again. Seniors are tired of staying home but afraid of being assaulted or attacked. We’re fighting back with Hope! KCCEB’s Bus for Hope Campaign is raising $80,000 for a new bus to connect East Bay seniors with essential needs and social support.

We are vaccinating our community and ready to bring seniors to our newly renovated community center this Fall. We have wellness and tai chi classes, bagged meals and Korean lunch, racial awareness training, personal safety workshops, and mental health support.

I've been confined for over a year due to COVID and it's been so discouraging. Now my family tells me to stay home because of the recent attacks. - I feel like it's breaking my spirit. I really want to meet with my friends again.

~Jikimee Senior

Donors may enter a Virtual Cooking Show series:

  • Restaurants for Hope: Restaurants that provide senior home-delivered meals will share their best recipes.
  • Fusions for Hope: A Korean American chef and graduate of American Culinary Institute will share his new Asian-California fusion recipes.
  • Kimchi for Hope: Did you know that there are more than 200 varieties of Kimchi? Did you know that Kimchi was chosen as one of the best probiotic foods? We will host a series of Kimchi cooking shows representing different regions and varieties.

To qualify, you must show proof of donation:

  • $25 donation earns a raffle and a chance to attend a cooking show.
  • $100 donation earns entry to Restaurants for Hope.
  • $250 donation earns entry to Kimchi for Hope and Restaurants for Hope.
  • $500 donation earns entry to Fusion for Hope, and the option to attend Restaurants for Hope and/or Kimchi for Hope.
  • $1,000 donation earns entry to a private in-person Fusion for Hope cooking show (proof of COVID-19 vaccination required).

Your tax-deductible donation goes towards building a stronger community for Koreans and other immigrants where they can live healthy, self-determined lives.