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Give Counseling to Asians without Barriers

Help KCCEB provide 400 counseling sessions to Asians who have limited mental health access.


Let’s bridge the gap.
Give beyond the Bay.
Counseling without barriers.

The next pandemic is mental health challenges!
It’s not surprising that the pandemic brought unprecedented emotional and mental pressures on all of us. Now we’re dealing with the aftermath. In the last 12 months, KCCEB’s helpline call volume quadrupled from Korean- and Chinese-speaking Californians looking for mental health support in their language. Unfortunately, we could only offer counseling to people living in the East Bay due to our government funding restrictions.

Help us raise $80K to provide online counseling services.
We will commit to providing 400 counseling sessions to Asians living across California who have limited options for mental health services because they cannot pay out-of-pocket, don’t speak English, or can’t find someone who understands their culture.

Little Jannie had a hard time learning online and her parents didn’t know how to help her. With support, our counselor can speak to Jannie’s school and find her the right resources.

Rex faces pressure from his family to get into a “good college”. He feels like he’s never enough. With counseling, Rex can gain self-confidence and explore who he really is.

Vivian came here for school during COVID so she has no one to rely on. KCCEB’s online peer support group can help her make connections and not feel lonely anymore.

Tony lost his job during the pandemic and has a lot of family stress. After a few sessions, he can learn to communicate with his wife better and feel more confident in looking for a new job.

Sandy has a full-time job and is her mother’s caregiver. Through counseling, she can learn more about Alzheimer’s disease and how to better advocate for her mother when talking to doctors.

Mr. Park is grieving from losing his wife of 30 years. With counseling and our support group, he can make new friends and find a purpose in helping others.