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Help KCCEB Build a Thriving Community.

Low-income Asian seniors, immigrants and their families in Alameda County face numerous challenges, from anti-Asian violence and mental health crises to poor nutrition and social isolation.  KCCEB is actively addressing those needs and in the process building a thriving community. With your support, KCCEB will hit the ground running in 2023. Here are some examples of what we’ll do:

Rex faces pressure from his family to get into a “good college.” He feels like he’s never good enough. With counseling, Rex can gain self-confidence and explore who he really is. We will continue to provide over 5,000 counseling sessions for youth  like Rex throughout the Bay Area.

Mr. Lee is 100 years old. He barely makes ends meet on a monthly SSI payment of $1,040, half of which pays his rent in Oakland. KCCEB’s Meal of Love program provides Mr. Lee a nutritious meal 3 times a week. We will continue to feed homebound low-income Asian seniors in Alameda County, serving 25,000 meals in 2023.

Due to anti-Asian violence, Mrs. Wang feels unsafe leaving her home, even to buy groceries. KCCEB recently completed a  study indicating that 40% of East Bay Asian community members surveyed have experienced violence or harassment. We will work with our local government and community partners to lift up community voices and solutions to prioritize community safety as a public health concern.

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KCCEB is the only organization based in central Alameda County providing integrated support to empower low-income Asian seniors, immigrants and their families, through services, education, community resources and advocacy. Our programs are based on documented community needs.

Thanks to the generosity of the Magic Cabinet and an anonymous donor, donations of up to $5,000 made by December 31 will be matched dollar for dollar. Please take a moment now to take advantage of this matching opportunity.

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As you celebrate the holidays, I hope you’ll think of Rex, Mr. Lee and Mrs. Wang and the many other Asian seniors, immigrants and youth in our community who need our help. Please consider making a gift to KCCEB today. Your contribution will enable us to continue supporting people like Rex, Mr. Lee, and Mrs. Wang and building a thriving community in 2023.