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Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

Leading the way for innovative wellness and mental health approaches.

We provide free technical assistance for Alameda County organizations focusing on older adults and/or K-drama. Is your organization eligible? Find out HERE.

We also provide fee-based support and consultation on these topics:

  • Senior Street Smarts: Asian Seniors Workshop Series
  • Curriculum Design and Culturally-informed Mental Health Interventions 
  • Creative and Participatory Engagement Activities 
  • Korean and Chinese Language Community Health & Mental Health Communications Tools

Join us, a brighter future is in our hands!

Korean Needs Assessment Report

Korean Needs Assessment Report

The 2015 KONA Report (Korean Needs Assessment of the Bay Area) is a collaboration between KCCEB and UC Berkeley’s Health Research for Action (HRA) Center.

In this report, we assessed the health and social needs of the Korean community in the Bay Area, including Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco, Santa Clara, and San Mateo counties, to determine the best strategies and intervention programs to improve the overall health of Korean Americans.

›››  Check here for more specific topics:

  1. Improving Health Literacy
  2. Reducing Mental Health Disparity
  3. Reducing Health Disparity
  4. Integration and Civic Engagement
  5. Risk Factors for Heart Attack and Stroke
  6. Call for Gender-Sensitive & Culturally Specific Programming
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Chinese Caregiver Support app 

Chinese Caregiver Support app 

Do you feel alone as a caregiver for family members suffering from dementia? 

WeCare is an innovative mobile app designed to bring light to Chinese caregivers. Use this app to find educational resources, available care providers nearby and create a personal care plan to keep your wellness in check.

“I feel like the only person who cares for my father with dementia, but there is no one for me. I wish there was a community to offer me some support.” — Linda, Caregiver Interviewee

We use technology to break down language barriers and support our Chinese caregiver community to find a sense of belonging.

Coming soon …

Korean Business Support app

Korean Business Support app

Are you a Korean small business owner impacted by community violence at your store?

Community Thrive is an exciting mobile app KCCEB is developing to support Korean-speaking small business owners with recent exposure to violence.

From this app, you can learn how to report an incident, provide resources needed after a theft or robbery and how to engage in neighborhood and community safety.

If you are a Korean small business owner, we invite you to be on the advisory committee.

2020 Census

2020 Census

Participating in the 2020 Census will raise our voices and help us have equitable representation.

KCCEB, along with partners in the RICE Collaborative, developed community engagement strategies to educate Asians in the Bay Area on how to fill out the census form effectively.


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KCCEB YouTube 

In today’s digital world, we share stories and build connections virtually to bring our community closer.

Discover more educational tutorials, personal stories, and many more digital projects on our channel.